Client Testimonials Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Denrite Mechanical for the installation completed for our most recent project, the new custom acreage residence in Sherwood Park. I sincerely appreciate the efforts of you and your staff and look forward to working with you again in the future.

In discussions with the homeowner, it is repeatedly mentioned how the system is not only functional beyond their expectations, but the attention to detail in the installation itself is second to none. With a complex hydronic and multi-zone system as this, it is rare to find a mechanical contractor who provides not only the level of service and quality as we have seen from Denrite Mechanical, but does so on time and on budget. From the original concept and design, to the timely and professional installation of the system, you have exceeded our expectations as a builder and those of the homeowner as well.

In addition, numerous subsequent trades in the home during construction commented at how well the system was installed with many noting it was some of the best work they had seen to date with many asking for your contact information…just something I though you should know."

Blair Gacek, Brockman Construction (partner to Halford Homes)


"When building a new home, selecting the right plumbing and heating contractor is extremely important because you’ll need to work with him for a long time, in my case, nearly one year. Starting with the plumbing undergrounds, right through to installing the final fixture, Denis and his crew were a pleasure to work with. He was responsive, reliable, and very cognoscente not to hold up other contractors that needed his work done before they proceeded with their own.

I selected an in-floor hydronic heating system combined with a high velocity forced air and central air conditioning system. Denis needed to work closely with the cement finishers, framers, and my electrician along the way. He immediately gained their respect due to his clear understanding of the work that each of them had to do, and accommodated their needs willingly. This made for a safe and cooperative work environment.

Denis provided me with good value using high quality components. He paid attention to details and produced a very good product.

I would gladly recommend Denis and Denrite Mechanical to anyone who’s looking for a quality mechanical contractor."

- David Chomik


"When I designed my new home I wanted to have a state of the art plumbing and heating. I had no interest in furnaces and gas burning forced air heat . I had heard about hydronic (in floor) heating and after the 1st meeting with Denis I was convinced that this was the only way to go.

Denis took the time to explain it to me and show me all the benefits of hydronic heating.

Denis took me to his supplier and we went over all the equipment needed to complete the job. I was then taken to a high end plumbing fixture supply store. I was like a kid in a candy store as I selected my fixtures.

My house has 4 complete bathrooms, a steam room with jetted shower, rain shower and hand held wand. I also went for a high end therapeutic tub from Niagra. My system has 9 heating zones on 3 floors of house. If I had not made that initial tour with Denis I would never have known about the quality materials that were available to complement my plans.

I received a complete price quote from Denis that included everything needed to complete the job. The price was more than fair and the work as well as Denis's apprentices were all excellent. Great care was taken to make sure everything was done right the 1st time.

All the work was done in a timely fashion. No issues what-so-ever!

Denrite Mechanical Ltd. did an excellent job in my home and completed everything as promised on-time.

Its been over 6 months since I have moved into my house and I have to say that the plumbing and in-floor heating is all working seamlessly. I have never been more comfortable in regards to the systems Denrite installed in my home. They exceeded all my expectations and I would call them again for any future plumbing needs.

A very satisfied customer!!!"

- Nemr Najmeddine


Several years ago my husband and I bought a house. It was 6 years old, a 4 level split.The only source of heat was a boiler system with under slab heating, on every level.It had 12 thermostats, one in every room. After a few years we noticed it wasn't working very well.

We didn't have any air movement in the house. My husband decided to remove some thermostats. The heat was never consistent. It would be cold in one room and too hot in others.

After my husband passed away 3 years ago, it was something I needed to deal with. This past fall I had no heat, so I called Denis Lefebvre from Denrite Mechanical to come and take a look at it. He suggested replacing the lines that went into the boiler, I also needed a new hot water tank, and added a Hi-Velocity system with a humidifier; after some minor adjustments I am very happy with my purchase. I now have a warm, comfortable home, it is not as dry, we don't get shocked when we touch something or someone any more.

Denis was very helpful and efficient, I feel very confident and happy with the service I received."

A Happy Customer,



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