Project Profiles Project Profiles

Project Profiles

Here are a few examples of various projects we have completed for clients. Click to enlarge each image.

3600ft bungalow in floor heating throughout with 5 heating zones, snow melt on front veranda and stairs:



Project Description: In Alberta’s winters the snow melt outside (similar to in-floor heating yet designed for the outdoors) keeps the snow and ice from building up on slippery steps. This home has 100% in-floor heating with two zones downstairs, two zones upstairs and one in the garage. In order to install in-floor on the main floor gypcrete was poured over the tubing which was stapled down to the sub-floor. This method reduces the labor cost of installation vs. floor-warming (staple up method). A Hi-Velocity system was installed to provide air circulation and air-conditioning.

Log House with 4 heating zones – 2 upstairs & 2 downstairs:


Project Description: This log home has 100% in-floor heating with 2 zones upstairs in the bedroom and kitchen and 2 zones in the basement in the workshop and rumpus room. The benefit of having in-floor heating throughout the home allows for consistent comfort in every room and multiple zones allow you to choose your perfect temperature. This home also has an HRV (heat recovery ventilator) for air circulation and bathroom exhaust. To take advantage of the boiler there is a 60 gallon indirect hot water tank, which is heated through a coil in the tank itself direct from the boiler. An indirect hot water tank is not only environmentally friendly it also allows the homeowner to use the efficiency of their boiler to heat their water. The green blue pipe seen in these pictures is Aquatherm pipe, this pipe is fusion pipe with a 30 year warranty and has a high insulation value to reduce heat loss.

3 Storey house with 7 zones of heating – 1 garage, 1 basement , 2 areas of floor warming, and 2 high velocity zones:



Project Description: This home has a hi-velocity system that is split into 2 zones: one for the main floor and basement and one for the 2nd & 3rd floor. Hi-velocity runs off a fan coil and similar to a furnace forces hot air through the home. The benefit of a Hi-velocity system vs. a furnace is that it allows for the home’s entire mechanical system to run off of one boiler. This provides the flexibility of having in-floor in the garage, floor warming in tiled areas and a fan coil to heat the remainder of the home. This system allows the home-owner to take full advantage of the efficiency of their boiler while remaining environmentally friendly and saving on their monthly gas bills.

2 Storey with 9 zones heating - garage, basement (2), floor warming (4), fan coil (2):


Project Description: This home system is also heated using the full potential of a high-efficient condensing boiler. In contrast to job 134 the home is split into multiple zones using two fan coils. A fan coil runs similar to a furnace but instead of a burner it is heated by the boiler through a coil. Floor warming differs from in-floor heating in that floor warming is stapled underneath the floor between the floor joists and uses heat transfer plates to radiate the heat evenly. The area is then insulated with a 1 inch air gap beneath the floor to force the heat upwards where it is needed. In-floor heating is mostly used in ground floor (basements) and garages. The piping is laid on top of a compacted sand base, vapor barrier and Styrofoam insulation which is then covered with concrete. The hot water runs through the piping radiating through heating the concrete creating a thermal mass.

2 Storey with loft 2500ft2 -5 zones – floor warming (1), high velocity (2), infloor (2), SSU60:



Project Description: This home has a hi-velocity system split into 2 zones, one for the main floor and basement and one for 2nd floor and loft. The basement has 2 in-floor heating zones, one for the bathroom, bedroom and storage room and one for hall and recreation area. The flexibility of this system is that it can be adapted to any size home, large or small.

2 Storey reverse walk out – 7000ft2- 7 zones – hi-velocity (3), floor warming (2), infloor (2):




Project Description: This home has it all! It has one Hi Velocity fancoil for the main floor and the basement, a second Hi Velocity fan coil split into two zones, one for the master suite and den, the other for the 2nd floor. It also has two floor warming zones, one for the master ensuite, walk in closet and the ½ bath, the other is the kitchen, pantry, laundry, bathroom, back entrance and foyer. There are two in-floor heating zones, one for the basement and one for the garage. Instead of bathroom fans an HRV (heat recovery ventilator) has been installed. There is a 60 gallon indirect hot water tank to ensure the home never runs out of hot water. On the plumbing side it has two pressure tanks, one for rain water collection cistern and one for domestic cold water.



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